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In the fast-paced automotive business, you need solutions that keep pace with your goals. SMEC Automation helps improve your total plant capabilities from automation to program management to open system architectures.

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T o stay ahead of the fierce competition in the cement industry, you have to strive continuously to find better ways to increase output and improve quality while reducing cost. You have to deploy rugged, reliable systems capable of handling the hostile environment and standing up to the heat, shock, dust, and vibration of cement processing.

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Service solutions to give you more control - SMEC Automation utilizes application technology combined with industry experience to help you maximize your productivity and profitability.

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SMEC Automation offers the products and services to support a wide range of commercial facilities and construction projects including schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings, and retailers of all sizes.

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Less well known, are the many solutions we offer specifically for Healthcare Facilities - from emergency power systems and components, to power quality monitoring, asset management and security systems.

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S MEC Automation combines process knowledge, experience and a vast array of integrated products and services to deliver solutions to the metals industry.

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In today's global mining business competition has never been tougher! Irrespective of the material being mined or the geographic location of the operation, you have to continuously strive to find a better way to increase output, improve quality, and uphold the highest safety standards while decreasing cost and protecting the environment.

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From the presses to inserters and then out the door, SMEC has the control software and products that can help you turn a profit in today's rushed workplace.

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S MEC Automation provides a complete range of medium and low voltage products and systems

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Service Offered

  • Dry dock management
  • Marine electrical design
  • Vessel inspection service
  • Marine automation service
  • Asset protection inspection
  • Marine protection inspection
  • Specialist marine project management
  • Design and development of marine control system
  • Installation of instrumentation and navigation systems


I n the fast-paced automotive business, you need solutions that keep pace with your goals. SMEC Automation helps improve your total plant capabilities from automation to program management to open system architectures.

Whether you need to improve your plant infrastructure or implement a new Electrical Distribution System, we offer the integration, engineering expertise and quality products to build you a solution to help improve your productivity and profitability.

Our Specialties

More than 350 technical staff, qualified in pneumatic, electrical, electronics, hydraulic and other equipment’s. The dedication & quality of our personal is simulative .the achievement of high rate of business growth is our asset.

Engineers with factory training from Aalborg, consilium, SAAB, Tank-Tech, MMC, Kongsberg, VAF etc.

ISO/IEC 17050:2005 quality management system for calibration with most all process variables with national & international traceability for electrical, temperatures, pneumatics & gas monitoring systems.

ISO 9002:2008 quality management system. All advanced communication facilities

Front-end Solutions

W hen you start a process based on control, every aspect downstream can be tracked and maximized for higher returns.

SMEC Automation offers custom built systems that:

  • Reduce downtime with Downtime Reporting Software linked to pagers including alarms
  • Improve stamping with stamping control systems including the design, programming, simulation and commissioning of this process
  • Reduce energy costs over the entire plant with Energy Management Systems
  • Increase reliability with specialized Drives and Motors

Automotive Assembly

W hen every second counts, SMEC Automation can help reduce manufacturing time allowances with improved process control. Our enhancements can help you save money with systems that maximize your returns.

Some of our many solutions include:

  • Paint Blocking for faster through-put by batching blocks of the same color
  • PLC networking for automatic daily archiving
  • Software enhancements that in some instances have reduced machinery downtime by over fifty percent

Final Assembly

A s your product enters final assembly, SMEC Automation provides control and automation that is integrated into your manufacturing system.

Behind the scenes we provide:

  • Power management expertise along with energy optimization
  • Plant retrofit and software upgrades with minimal downtime
  • Systems integration expertise from factory floor to enterprise zone

Automation & Process Control

B ecause of the rapid development of the worldwide automotive industry, competition among the participants has increased to a frantic pace. Customers are demanding more variety and higher quality today than at any point in time.

Governments in many countries are legislating more efficient vehicles and are regulating factory emissions. These trends indicate a need for better information about and control of automotive manufacturing processes.

Never has the automotive industry had a better opportunity to invest efficiently in improving its flexibility and quality in the production of cars and trucks. SMEC is dedicated to improving the quality and flexibility of automotive manufacturing processes through the intelligent application of control and information systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved product quality
  • More production without more production machinery
  • Easier changeover and mix management
  • More process availability
  • Better decision making through more timely information.

On-Vehicle Sensors

I n this industry, the importance of engine management, safety, fuel economy and control of exhaust emissions is growing rapidly. As a result, there is an increasing use of electronic systems which depend on sensors to help monitor, measure and control the performance of vehicles.

SMEC Automation has been a pioneer in developing effective technologies in micromachining process design. Primary focus is on pressure sensing and MEMS technology for automotive applications that improve safety, comfort and performance.

Automotive Applications

  • Engine Management System
  • Coolant and Air temperature
  • Gage sender
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Intake air humidity

Electronic Modules

  • Circuit Protection
  • Temperature compensation

HVAC System

  • Outside Air
  • Cabin Temperature
  • Seat heater temperature
  • Gas/Odor Sensing
  • Solar/Light Sensing


  • Tire
  • MAP
  • ABS

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