Marine Automation

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Design & Building

SMEC is a marine engineering company experienced in special ship design for new-building or conversion. cable laying and flexible and rigid pipe laying. We offer total project management of special ship projects.

Services & Retrofit

SMEC is having a big pool of Engineers trained for the running repair of various automation and electrical control systems of any kind and any make used onboard rig vessels including production platform

Inspection & Security

SMEC undertakes an extensive range of surveys, inspections and audits. While instructions are often for work on a specific vessel or facility, we also work with multiple vessels and even entire fleets.

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Our company specializes in Maritime Satellite TV Systems, Internet access, Distribution, Video & Audio at Sea Systems, offering a complete supply installation service and support.

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Our company specializes in Maritime Satellite TV Systems, Internet access, Distribution, Video & Audio at Sea Systems, offering a complete supply installation service and support.

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SMEC Automation provides a full service calibration and repair laboratory. We provide services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility or at their sites.

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Today the company boasts an engineering team with exceptional skills and experience in maritime electrical and control engineering. Our primary maritime activities are:

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Today’s equipment is becoming more sophisticated making maintenance a crucial input to uphold reliable operation. Keeping this in mind SMEC Automation has developed ‘The Status Monitor’ & customer specific Service Agreements

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Planning vessel repairs is a crucial part of vessel maintenance. With SMEC Automation's Planned repair & dry docking program, clients can be quickly updated on vessel status.

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Hazards and equipment malfunction can cause safety or production related problems. To ensure that our clients are safe from these SMEC Automation is standing by with the necessary assistance and service support to rectify these situations when and where they arise.

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Due to the ever-growing advances in technology and the changing market and operational requirements, modernization has become an integral part of any ship building or overhauling operation.

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Electric propulsion is today the preferred choice for a broad and increasing number of vessel types, offering several unique advantages compared to conventional mechanical solutions.

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SMEC Automation provides UPS, Generators, Switchgear, Protection Relays with service & maintenance. We also have a variety of UPS & Generators for hire

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We provide a complete range of AC and DC offshore drilling drive systems:

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SMEC Automation provides electric motors and variable speed drive systems and regardless of the application we will ensure the most optimal drive systems and configurations.

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Service Offered

  • Dry dock management
  • Marine electrical design
  • Vessel inspection service
  • Marine automation service
  • Asset protection inspection
  • Marine protection inspection
  • Specialist marine project management
  • Design and development of marine control system
  • Installation of instrumentation and navigation systems

Marine Automation

SMEC Automation products and services are designed to incorporate all the required functions of a well-designed system including monitor, alarm, log, display and control. The products are certified to the major classification societies. The digital based system architecture incorporates state-of-the-art features that provide speed, accuracy, redundancy, reliability, flexibility and maintainability.

Our Capabilities

Navigation Systems

Tank Level Indicating Systems

Alarms and Monitoring

Propulsion, Bow Thrusters Control

Product Design

Calibration Facility

Electrical & Control Panels

Engine Side Service & Retrofit

Deck Side Service & Retrofit

24x7 Support

We specialize in providing small teams of experienced Marine personnel to undertake onboard repairs worldwide. Specialists from all disciplines are available including fully certificated Marine Engineers, Electricians, Pipe Fitters, Burners, and Welders.

SMEC has the solution for all different types of ships, from simple installations to ships with more advanced electric propulsion and integrated systems for automation. Offshore service vessels, cruise ships, shuttle tankers, FPSOs and drilling ships all benefit from SMEC's electrical generation and distribution systems with generators, switchboards, transformers and frequency controlled propulsion systems, all controlled by an advanced power management system integrated with the vessel automation system with alarm handling, cargo control and control of utility systems.

Our components are developed especially for use on ocean-going vessels. The components are qualified for the rough environmental conditions and high safety requirements on the high seas.

The prime reason for our success is the concept of simple installation, starting-up, operation and maintenance of all components and systems.

Our Specialties

More than 350 technical staff, qualified in pneumatic, electrical, electronics, hydraulic and other equipment’s. The dedication & quality of our personal is simulative .the achievement of high rate of business growth is our asset.

Engineers with factory training from Aalborg, consilium, SAAB, Tank-Tech, MMC, Kongsberg, VAF etc.

ISO/IEC 17050:2005 quality management system for calibration with most all process variables with national & international traceability for electrical, temperatures, pneumatics & gas monitoring systems.

ISO 9002:2008 quality management system. All advanced communication facilities

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