Rig Instrumentation

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Rig Instrumentation

SMEC Automation has extensive experience in automating and mechanizing drilling and workover rigs. These automated and semi-automated drilling systems have been built for the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, Arctic rigs on the north slope of Alaska, desert rigs in Oman, slant drilling rigs in China and mobile trailer rigs in Brazil. These systems integrate in-house equipment and client-furnished equipment for a total automation package.

rig instrumentation
rig instrumentation

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Fire & Gas detection system Years of experience in designing Fire & Gas systems backed up by a detailed knowledge of certification codes and classifications mean SMEC Automation can deliver the entire Functional Design Specification for the client.

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Bulk Tank Mud & Cement Monitoring and Control Panels are supplied to rigs on a global basis.

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This is a recent addition to SMEC Atomation Well Control Instrumentation suite and now commands its own product line.

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T oday’s equipment is becoming more sophisticated making maintenance a crucial input to uphold reliable operation. Keeping this in mind SMEC Automation has developed ‘The Status Monitor’ & customer specific Service Agreements

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Service Offered

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Extended Power Uprates (EPU)
  • Instrumenmtation & calibration
  • Staff and Craft Augmentation
  • Valve Maintenance & Repairs
  • Protective Coatings & Linings
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Plant Maintenance & Modifications
  • Outages, Shutdowns, & Turnarounds
  • Plant ID Systems (bar coding, tagging)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Construction
  • General and Specialty Construction Services
  • Capital and Maintenance & Modification Projects

Our Specialities

Driller’s control cabins – both mechanical and electrical

Advanced drill floor layouts incorporating automated equipment

Anti-collision systems integrating the top drive, pipe handling and pipe makeup machines

Pipe handling, vertical racking and laydown machines

Semi-automatic catwalk machines

Pipe deck gantry cranes

Remote drawworks controls

Hydraulic powered auto-drillers

AC powered drilling equipment

Blowout preventor handling systems

Automatic mud buckets

Automatic thread dopers

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